The Different Types Of Biometric Technologies

The need to secure our information and organization has grown as much as the technology has. The more that technology advances the more we feel like  we are prone to threats. And that is also why there has been a rise in the different types of security technologies that we can use. One of the most common and widely used form of security technology is biometrics.

What is Biometric Technology?

Biometric technology deals with the human being and their physical attributes. With biometrics we look at body measurements and characteristics. With the use of biometric security, authentication is made more secure as each human being has their different features. Hence many experts in the field have labelled biometric identifiers as one of the best forms of technology security that one could ever use.

Different Biometric Identifiers

There are several different types of biometric identifiers that can be used of authentication process.

  • Fingerprint: This is one of the most common types of biometric technologies. It is mainly used on our smartphones. But basically, any device that can be touched can use fingerprint scanners.
  • Physical Recognition: This type of biometric is commonly used with any device that has a camera or video. The most common type of physical recognition is the facial recognition. However, there are also other types like iris or retinal scanning, palm vein recognition and ear recognition as well.
  • Voice Recognition: Voice recognition will use your voice to give you access to what you want. Most companies use this type of technology to be able to authenticate their customers over the phone.
  • Signature: Digital signatures are also another form of biometrics that can be used for security purposes. This will use the clients’ unique signatures and they are also very widely used across the world.
  • DNA: DNA scans are mainly used by law enforcement. Through the use of these scans the law enforcers are able to identify the perpetrators.
  • Engagement Patterns: The way that we handle our technology devices can also be used a away to identify a user. The number if time that we spend on different applications, how we use them and even the way that the battery depletes are all indicators of who is using the device. Online casinos are also able track who is playing at their site through these patterns.
  • Typing Patterns: Typing patterns look, at the way that any individual types on their machines. This as we all have a unique typing style, from the speed to the way that we stroke the keyboard.
  • Physical Movements: In some buildings around the world, they use the way that you move to identify if it is really you. While someone can get a mask it is very hard to copy the way that one moves.
  • Navigation Patterns: These deal with the way that we make movements on the trackpad or touch screens.