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You Must Know This When You Choose A Residence During Your Study Abroad

After completing formal education at home, taking a foreign language course, and passing a foreign university entrance examination, it is time to find a place to live in your study destination country. There are many things that must be taken into consideration because of course because you have to live alone in a strange place. Therefore we also highly recommend you to choose a very comfortable dwelling from Ki Residences.

Furthermore, here are several tips for choosing a place to stay when studying abroad and what aspects you should take into consideration:

Looking at the housing brochure is not enough

You need to know more about the place, situation, social and environmental conditions of the place before actually buying the residence in that place. Pay attention to the map and location of the residence you are after. Then, you must see the access road and its position from public facilities, is it quite reachable from your workplace? That’s why we suggest you check out the Ki Residences condo unit that is located in a strategic area.

Come directly to the place

There are some things that we can’t see only from the map. The slope of the land and the state of its local topography must be seen directly. What is the socio-cultural situation? Does the average population around the residence that you seek work as employees, civil servants, or others? The more different you are, the more you will need to adjust, especially in terms of habits and frame of mind.

Ask local residents.

To avoid disputes in the future, you need to know the ins and outs of the residence that you seek down to the small detail. Sometimes owners of residences cover up a few facts about their properties, so information from neighbors will be very helpful. If necessary and it’s possible, you can ask the leader of the local community.

Developer reputation.

This is what we often don’t know. All developers claim to be the best. Big advertisements, discounted prices and massive promotions can make us blind. Try searching for information about the developer. It’s because usually, one developer runs several housing projects in one city. We recommend you to choose a trustworthy developer like the one from Ki Residences real-estate company.

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