You Must Consider These Things Before Getting Circumcised

If the circumcision is complete, avoid doing strenuous activities such as weight training, diving, jogging, or speeding riding a motorbike. There are several things that people who have just been circumcised should pay attention to so that the wound heals quickly. You can also get a circumcision in melbourne with the help of experienced professionals.

You must consider these points if you have just been circumcised.

– Usually, the penis will be swollen, red, and bruised after you’ve been circumcised. Circumcision wounds in babies take about 10 days to heal. Meanwhile, wounds in children and adult men, need about a month to heal.

– Recovery after circumcision will be more comfortable if the patient is not wearing underwear and wearing loose pants.

– Routinely visit the doctor to treat the wound. Keep making sure the hygiene of the genitals is maintained to avoid infection. You can shower after the doctor allows you to, but avoid taking baths.

– Patients can take pain relievers to reduce pain. However, make sure children under 16 years of age take paracetamol or ibuprofen, and that aspirin is prohibited to be given to them. Administration of antibiotics if needed.

– Until the pain subsides, a circumcised child is not recommended to ride a bicycle or similar toy.

– Adult men who perform circumcision are not recommended to have sexual intercourse until the wound is completely healed. Usually around 4 – 6 weeks.

Risk of Circumcision
Although beneficial to health, circumcision still carries risks like any other surgical process. Side effects can include:

– Bleeding.
– Infection in circumcision wounds.
– Disorders of the urinary tract.
– The remainder of the foreskin can stick back to the tip of the penis so minor surgery is needed as treatment.
– The sensitivity of the circumcised penis decreases, so it can affect sexual intercourse.
– Circumcision can be a dangerous activity if applied to patients with blood clotting disorders.

It is advisable to see a doctor immediately or go to the emergency room at the nearest hospital if, after circumcision, any health problem happens to you.

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