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Why You Should Join MLM

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Tiered Sales is a form of business that is booming again in recent years. Even so, there are still very many people who show antipathy to this business system, and not a few of them try to get into this business but then fail, not because they don’t succeed but for one reason or another then choose to quit. This point you must remember carefully. There are no people who fail in running an MLM business, there are people who stop and then blame their inability to survive in this business on the MLM business system such as Jeunesse Global review itself.

It is those who stop doing and feel like a failure is that then breathes negative stories about this MLM business so that it grows antipathy towards this business. In addition, the attitude of MLM business people in running this business, which is often too aggressive, even seems to be forced, also adds to the bad image of the MLM business. But, you try to let go of all your negative thoughts about this business and try to see it with a completely neutral point of view before returning to making an assessment of this business.

An MLM business is very different from a pyramid business, even though an MLM business uses a binary system though. So that you are clearer, here is a comparison between the MLM business and the pyramid system.

MLM business:

– The membership fee is relatively cheap, if you are required to buy a product package, the membership fee is still considered cheap. This is because, in the MLM business, income takes precedence from a combination of direct sales and network development.

– Products that are traded are products that do have benefits and can be used maximally by the buyer.

– The selling price of the product tends to be cheaper than similar products in the market.

Pyramid Business:

– The membership fee included with the product purchase package is very expensive. This is because, in the pyramid system, the main income is from the number of new members who register.

– The products being sold are only a cover and not the main / business center itself

– The selling price of the product tends to be very expensive compared to similar products in the market.

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