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This Yeti And Bigfoot Themed Fun Is Suitable For Family Viewing

Yeti and Bigfoot are mythological creatures that have similarities in many aspects. They both resemble apes with their bodies covered in hair and are described as very large. The difference is in the color of the coat and the location where they are believed to live, where the Yeti has white fur and is said to live in the Himalayas, while the Bigfoot has brown fur which is believed to reside in the Pacific Northwest or commonly called the Cascadia. Many people are curious about this creature and want about them, including how to draw bigfoot.

These two creatures are also believed to be just legends due to the lack of concrete evidence of their existence. Even though their existence is still confusing, the figures of Yeti and Bigfoot are still famous among many people. Especially with the many films that show their figure.

Although it is not clear how they behaved, the animated films below depict Yeti and Bigfoot as adorable creatures, you know. Curious? This is an animated film with the theme of Yeti and Bigfoot, which is perfect for watching with family.

1. Abominable (2019), an adorable and magical yeti
The film, which was released on October 4, has succeeded in making Yeti a cute and magical creature. Tells the story of three teenagers named Yi, Peng, and Jin who try to bring the Yeti back to their place of origin, while being chased by those who want the creature.

This animated film made by Dream Works succeeds in portraying the friendly and cute Yeti. The storyline and the conflicts that arise are also suitable for children to watch. But also, it’s still comfortable for adults to watch. So, don’t miss this film to watch together.

2. Smallfoot (2018), Yeti who believes that humans are only mythical creatures
Smallfoot, which was released on September 28 last year, tells the story of the struggle of one Yeti who wants to prove to his world that the little foot (human) they believe is a myth is real.

The animated musical film by Warnes Bros. This picture has an upside-down view from the Yeti’s point of view, where they believe that humans are just mythical creatures. However, a storyline like this is certainly interesting to watch, right? Not only is the plot interesting, but this film is also full of stars. Channing Tatum, James Corden, and Zendaya are the artists who provide a voice in this film. So, of course, you shouldn’t miss this film.

3. Missing Link (2019), Bigfoot Who Needs Friends
Missing Link, which was released last April, tells the story of Mr. Link, the furry creature who is tired of living alone. Then, he recruits explorers to find his long lost relative.

This film made by Laika’s animation studio is an animated film with a stop motion format. The visual effects that are displayed also look natural, because the producer realizes quality stop motion in great detail. Hugh Jackman and Zoe Saldana also took part in voice acting in this film. So, don’t hesitate to enjoy the visual and audio beauty that will be shown in the Missing Link film.

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