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There Are Benefits Of Fly-By-Wire Flight System

Fly-by-wire electronic systems can react flexibly to changes in aerodynamic conditions. The trick is to adjust the movement of the plane’s control plane so that the aircraft’s reaction to the input control is in accordance with flight conditions. In addition, electronic systems require easier maintenance compared to mechanical and hydraulic systems that require lubrication, voltage adjustment, leak checks, oil changes, and others. Moreover, the position of the electronic circuit between the pilot and the aircraft can improve safety. For example, the control system can prevent the engine from shutting down suddenly and it can alert the pilot when pressing the airframe too hard. This might cause some damage to the FBW system’s parts. If it happens on your FBW’s ball screws, we recommend you to call the best company immediately.

Fly by wire technology is considered capable of providing better flight safety guarantees. With fly by wire, the computer can at any time take over the rudder of the plane if the pilot is suddenly careless. This system also made various corrections to `human error` (human error) made by the pilot.

By adding a digital computer to the aircraft steering system, a lot of benefits are gained. Fly by wire makes the aircraft lighter because this device can eliminate several hydraulic mechanical systems. In addition, the aircraft also has better maneuverability because computers can make aircraft performance adjustments hundreds of times better every second than humans. This makes airplane passengers can fly more comfortably and fuel more efficiently. On military aircraft, fly by wire makes the aircraft more resistant to battle damage compared to conventional control systems.

An FBW aircraft has a lighter weight than other aircraft of a similar design that uses conventional controls. This is due to the lighter overall weight of the system components and the more stable natural aerodynamics. This natural aerodynamic stability factor is very influential on fighter aircraft for the purposes of maneuvering. Natural aerodynamic stabilizers consist of vertical and horizontal stabilizers (fins and rear tails of the aircraft) which are usually found at the rear of the fuselage. If these structures can be reduced in size, the airframe load will decrease.

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