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The Importance of Using Masks for Healthier Hair

Are you aware that every day there are various things that can interfere with the condition and health of your hair? Starting from the habit of sleeping with tied hair, the use of a hairdryer, and a tool that has a hot temperature, exposure to UV rays, and pollution on the way using an online motorcycle taxi, to air conditioning that can make hair dry. Well, to treat hair after passing through various causes of the above problems, the use of shampoo and conditioner is not enough. To ensure hair remains healthy, soft and shiny, put serum and aloe vera and egg hair mask into your hair care.

Hair masks are hair treatments that can nourish hair intensively, especially for dry and damaged hair. Because it can treat hair intensively, the use of hair masks is generally only once a week. How to use it more or less similar to a face mask: apply evenly to the hair, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Although there are various variants of hair serum available on the market with different claims, hair basically has benefits:

It provides protection to the hair against various external factors that can damage the hair, such as high temperatures, UV rays, or pollution.
Minimize damage caused by hair styling tools such as vise tools.
Make dull hair look shiny in a short time.
Makes hair softer, smoother, and not easily tangled, making it easier to style.
It provides nutrition and moisture to dry or damaged hair.

If hair serum tends to give instant results, a hair mask is a treatment that you must do if you have damaged or brittle hair conditions. The benefits of hair masks are generally more long-term, such as:

Moisturizes and keeps hair moisturized.
Strengthen the hair down to the roots so it is not easily broken or fall out.
Encourage hair growth to be thicker.
Softens hair and makes it easy to tangle.

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