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Steps to Write Product Review Articles

Writing product review articles doesn’t always mean a paid job review. Many bloggers also like to review products without being paid, simply because they really like the product or are actually disappointed with the product they use. You can visit our Youtube channel to get IMHO reviews videos. Here’s what you need to do:

Product images and videos
Of course, the first thing we have to show is a product photo. This photo consists of the overall appearance, then if there are specific details must also be displayed. In essence, our blog readers must be able to imagine how the product is physically even though they cannot directly touch or see the product directly. Make sure the photo is bright, in focus, and easy on the eyes. Do photo editing as necessary to increase the value of the product. If necessary, use video. Now it’s very interactive. In addition to being able to show the product in detail, video can also describe its features verbally directly.

Product description
If there are dimensions, please write them down. Height, length, width, volume, and so on. Then what features are in the product. For example, if the ingredients are cosmetic, what are the features of smartphones and electronic goods. Furthermore, we can also discuss the packaging. Is it okay, is it not okay, is it vulnerable to damage, or is it strong? Another thing that needs to be in the product description is where to buy it, the advantages of the product, and also our expectations for the product before we use it.

Product flaws
For example, while using the product, there are things that are felt to be lacking, you may also write them down. But, this is important, writing down the deficiencies in the product can be very sensitive for the manufacturer. Not everyone (read: producers) can take criticism well. There’s a good chance you might be black marketing them, dropping their branding. However, there are no fewer producers who are open to criticism. I’ve heard a story, someone did a bad review of a smartphone product and was then invited to become a buzzer by the smartphone brand in question. The smartphone brand wants the blogger to become a beta tester for its products because it is considered capable of providing objective input.

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