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Safety Tips Are Necessary For Using Scaffolding

Every year, many workers are injured or even die due to scaffolding accidents. The cause could be due to the workers’ fault or it could be because the scaffolding was not made properly so that it collapsed and made victims. Of course, the most unfortunate thing about scaffolding work accidents is that they can be prevented. Workers can be properly equipped before working in scaffolding. Also, scaffolding can be built firmly and does not collapse easily, just like the ones you can get from the Scaffold tower hire service near your area.

Scaffolding accidents may occur. Here are tips that you can practice to be safe when using it:

– All workers are trained. Workers who work in scaffolding must have been trained in scaffolding design. So that workers know how to work safely while in the scaffolding.

– Check before use. Before using scaffolding, make sure that the base, all the frames, the locking tools, are all properly attached. Likewise, boards, fences, and everything related to scaffolding have been confirmed safe. Also check how the conditions at the scaffolding installation location include soil conditions, surface height, distance from power cables, and others. Any scaffolding that is ready to use must be tagged in green.

– Use according to load capacity. Do not let the scaffolding become overloaded. Because it can make scaffolding collapse. For this reason, need to monitor how many workers can go up to the scaffolding and what materials or equipment can be transported.

– Perform inspection and maintenance. Scaffolding must be regularly checked by supervisors. This supervisor who is responsible for inspecting Pan tests the feasibility of all scaffolding. If a part is damaged, it must be replaced immediately. When making repairs or modifications, the scaffolding must be tagged in red, and only the scaffolder team can work and must use the full-body harness.

– Must be clean and tidy. The neatness of the scaffolding is very important so that the movement of workers is comfortable without too many obstructions.

– Appropriate use of PPE. Workers who work in scaffolding must wear protective headgear, anti-slip protective shoes, wear a safety harness (body harness).

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