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Prayer Gives Us Strength

Prayer is a sentence that may be so heavy for some people to say, especially when they feel that their lives are fine, and do not feel anything wrong with what they do. That is the assumption that interpreting praying and blessing can only be used or spoken when we commit wrongdoing or sin to God. But in fact, the phrase is one of the sentences that commended for us to read more, under any circumstances in our daily lives. In a rough time like sickness, prayer is essential. You could try an urgent healing prayer request to make sure your prayer will be heard.

Whoever adorns himself with this practice, namely multiplying prayer sentences, then God will facilitate his sustenance, facilitate his affairs, and maintain the strength of his mind and frame. For that, we require to start familiarizing personally with increasing the phrase prayer in everyday life, because it turns out there are five exceptional benefits that we will get of it. Humans are creatures of wrong places, forget, and have lust that can bring it to the happy, sad, and so on. How is his life is depending on how he reacts. So humane when problems or tests come up, humans will feel weak and tired of the conditions that are considered less in favor of him.

When various problems or exams feel squeezed, then multiply asking for forgiveness from God, by asking God’s forgiveness of your sins. Because it could be a problem or a test that God sent as a form of pleasure so that it can lead us to an increase in degree before Him if we pass it, and it could also be a warning for sin and immorality that we still often do. By multiplying it, then all the weaknesses that we feel will be lifted, replaced by a strong sense. That God feels so close, and we feel that God will strengthen us because God never puts a burden on His servants beyond the ability of His servants.

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