Getting Beautiful Creations Using A Pen

Nowadays the art of beautiful writing is in great demand. Not only those with talent can write beautifully, but those who are persistent in practicing can get beautiful writing results. Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing that has been known for a long time. To do this one art, of course, you need a variety of equipment, including calligraphy writing tools. To write calligraphy, you can use any writing tool, but certain writing tools are considered better than others. Getting good calligraphy, it usually depends on the type of pen used. For more complete information you can directly check at You can also use a ruler and other guide tools so that our calligraphy looks professional and even. Calligraphy pens are certainly different from ordinary pens because they have a unique nib shape. To choose it, you need to pay attention to the width of the nib, material, and the right type of ink.

Calligraphy pen tip or so-called nib is usually flat. However, the width and size may differ depending on the manufacturer. The wider the size, the more varied the writing that can be produced, because you can freely adjust the thickness and thinness of the lines. Meanwhile, a small nib will produce calligraphy letters that look more casual as if written using a regular pen. This type can be used to write just like a regular fountain pen.

Also, check the ink type and how to replace it. Calligraphy pens, such as fountain pens, are generally used with ink. There are two types of ink, namely cartridges and converters. The cartridge types are easier to replace and use so they are highly recommended for beginners. Meanwhile, for the converter type, you need to draw the ink from the bottle first so it takes a little longer.

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