Get creative with carpets

For rooms with very sharp and busy colors, you can use a monochrome abstract motif carpet or black and white. You do this so that the color is still in harmony with your already colorful room, but choose a pattern that suits your taste, huh! For minimalist rooms with very neutral tones such as white or cream, you can choose abstract motif rugs with sharp or colorful colors. This way you make your carpet a statement piece in the room. Many people like the bohemian style or so-called boho for their room decoration, because it looks unique, colorful, vintage, and edgy. If you want to have a room full of patterns and patterns with a contemporary art style, we recommend the dry wet carpet Sydney, you can also use a boho carpet to cover part of your floor. If your room is boho style with various ethnic fabric accessories here and there, you can also add boho rugs, but make sure the basic color matches the overall tone of the room carpet cleaner machine Sydney.

If you like a minimalist design style, you can keep your room beautiful, neat, and simple with a carpet. Choose a few colors as possible in your room, for example, only 3 colors. Then. install a large carpet of neutral colors in your room (better than the size of the mattress dam stretched out in the middle of the room). An easy example of a match, if your room has shades of blue and white, you can install a plain brown carpet to balance the colors and give a simple impression. You can also choose rugs from rattan or seagrass to make it feel like on the beach.

A carpet that is installed at an angled corner can add a unique and modern impression to your room. Choose a carpet color that contrasts with your floor. For example, if your floor is white, choose a black carpet and attach it at an angled angle under the mattress. The position of the mattress can also be tilted or remain normal if your room is large enough to tinker with the position of the mattress.

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