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Ensure Safety With Fencing Hire

Temporary fences are very important to ensure safety in the implementation of construction projects. Usually, temporary fences for construction project safety are made at least 180 cm high from corrugated zinc coated with paint. The most important thing is that this temporary fence must be strong and sturdy enough so that it does not collapse easily. That is why you need to make sure that you get the best Scaffold tower hire.

The functions of the project safety fence include limiting the project area to ensure safety and security because in the project area there are many hazards. It could also prevent unauthorized people from entering the project area or prevent the theft of goods/materials in the project area. For the project area to look tidy, sometimes a banner is placed on the temporary fence about the project being built or the identity of the implementing contractor. In general, a temporary fence consists of 4 important components. Fence cover material, generally using corrugated zinc. The local foundation uses a system mix concrete with a certain size, for example, a diameter of 30 cm with a depth of 50 cm. Gates, for fence construction projects, will be equipped with a gate whose width is approximately 8-15 m depending on the scale of the project and the size of the vehicle or heavy equipment passing.

In calculating the cost, a temporary fence for project safety enters the preparatory work. Temporary fences are usually calculated in units of length (m ‘) or area (m2). If the construction project is located in open land, then a temporary fence must be calculated around the entire project area. However, if the construction project is adjacent to other buildings on the left and right sides, the temporary fence is simply installed on the front side. The point is that temporary fences are only installed on the side of the open area. Because it is only temporary during project implementation, after the project is completed, the temporary fence will be dismantled. Currently, temporary fences with knockdown systems are widely used. The fence is made with a certain module size that can be easily assembled.

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