Do You Know These Benefits Of Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology is one of the traditional healing methods originating from China. The most basic massage oil reflexology full body difference lies in the method used. Reflexology only focuses on certain points on the body, namely the hands, feet, and ears. These points are believed to be directly related to the nerves of the body organs. When these points are massaged, of course, it will affect the body’s organs. Reflexology cannot be done just by anyone, only therapists who have certain experiences and certifications can do it. This massage can cause fatal mistakes if done by just anyone. That’s why you need experts to do it for you, as the experts in the massage gold coast.

Reflexology is done in a simple way. Only use your fingers, and if necessary you can use other massage aids to press the nerve points on the hands and feet. Then, what benefits can be obtained from reflexology?

Reduces Headaches

Reflexology can help relieve headaches caused by anxiety and stress without having to take drugs. Reflexology therapy for pain relief is usually seen after 3 months of routine practice.

According to research that has been conducted, 23 percent of patients no longer experience headaches and 11 percent do not take drugs when they routinely do reflexology.

Helps Smooth Blood Circulation

The soles of the feet have nerves that are directly connected to the heart and blood vessels. When a message is done at these points, it will automatically affect the function of the heart and blood vessels.

Reflexology is also believed to improve heart health. This massage is also believed to open the nerve knots so that they can improve blood circulation.

Stroke Patient Recovery Methods

Stroke is a disease caused by a lack of blood supply to the brain. This deficiency can be caused by blockage or rupture of blood vessels. As a result, brain cells will die due to a lack of nutrients and oxygen contained in the blood. This condition will certainly affect the body functions controlled by the brain.

Generally, stroke patients are unable to move their limbs, either partially or totally. Treatment for stroke patients is usually physical therapy. Reflexology can be used as a companion to medical therapy for stroke patients.

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