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Do You Know These 4 Important Functions Of Dash Cams?

Some people consider dash cams to be important for security and safety. There are also those who use dashcam video recordings as content for their social media. Regardless of its purpose, a dashcam has many important functions dashcam report. You might also need to read some dashcam reviews before you decide to buy one, so you end up with the best dashcam.

Here are 4 important functions of dashcams:

1. For acquiring important evidence

There are frequent debates around the world between motor vehicle users who are involved in accidents. Accusations and accusations often lead to fistfights. For those who don’t want to be trapped in a situation like that, using a dash cam can be a solution. The existence of recorded images can be authentic proof so that who is wrong and right can be seen properly.

2. To prevent us from becoming victims of extortion.

Besides that, using Dashcam can also prevent us from becoming victims of fraud or extortion. Fraud is an act of someone pretending to have been hit by a car. The person, who was not seriously injured, also demanded compensation from the car owner because he did not want to prolong the problem. Then, the driver can also avoid fraud.

3. Monitoring the activity in the car

Besides being able to be used to record events outside the car, the dashcam can also record what is happening in the cabin. Usually, this will be needed for families whose car is driven by a driver for child mobility. That way parents can continue to monitor the situation of their beloved child. Sometimes it is used to monitor families who often hire drivers. We can monitor where our children are.

4. Making interesting social media content

Finally, using a dash cam can also be used as a means of communication. The recorded videos can be uploaded back to social media for various purposes. Able to find hit-and-run perpetrators or just to share funny traffic violations. We usually also share social media too. So we can share with each other what happened, there are rare incidents, severe accidents, no witnesses can take from it, funny events especially now in the era of social media.

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