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Detective Films with Smart Stories and Difficult Guess

Have you ever watched a detective or thriller movie, which is so exciting, it makes you not dare to move even a second for fear of missing the story? Or, the kind of detective film that keeps you guessing the direction of the story, even though it’s always wrong because the plot changes at the last minute? If you are among those who like films like that, this is the right article for you to read. Because, here you will find 15 selected detective films with various genres such as thriller, psycological thriller, mystery to neo-noir mystery, the story of which will make you very curious. In fact, some of the films below will leave us with hanging questions even though they have finished watching them.

For you fans of detective films, here is a list of the 123 movies of all time detective films:

1. Searching (2018)
The film, which was booming when it was released in 2018, raised a theme that became the nightmare of all parents. This film tells the story of a father (John Cho) who is also a single parent. Initially everything went fine until one day her daughter seemed to disappear in the earth. He also tried to find clues by diving into his daughter’s digital footprint on all social media.

2. Trance (2013)
In a robbery, Simon, an auction house employee gets a blow to the head that makes him amnesia. Simon lost his memory of everything, except for the location of a million-dollar painting targeted by a robber syndicate. In the course of the story, Simon is finally kidnapped by robbers who are trying to get the only valuable information stored in his head. In fact, a hypnotherapist is hired to steal these memories. This is a type of film where the puzzle in the story is very neatly interwoven. Get ready for an unexpected surprise at the end of the story!

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