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Creating Green Open Space in Narrow Land

The presence of open space in a dwelling is like an oasis because it functions to maintain good air circulation so that the temperature in the house remains comfortable. Besides, green open spaces can also be used as a relaxation and recreation area for the residents for a moment. Especially for those of you who have a job with high mobility and want a cool and peaceful atmosphere through the garden at home. Limited land is a fun challenge, but there are a few tips that need to be considered in designing green areas on narrow land or houses. Most importantly, free your imagination in designing according to the desired concept. One way to optimize green areas in narrow land is to use vertical fields or walls as planting areas using artificial grass. Vertical gardens require specific media and special planting techniques.

One method that is often applied is hydroponics by arranging plants in such a way on the wall and also done with special maintenance and automatic adjustment. Creativity in designing vertical gardens is currently growing, so that it has led to a variety of new ideas that can be copied, including the hanging garden. This one method utilizes used bottles, drain pipes, or various plant pots arranged or hung on the wall. Besides being cheaper to make, this method is also easier to maintain. Another way to present green space in a limited area is to apply a roof garden, which is a technique of planting plants on the roof of a house or a canopy on a terrace or carport.

Plants that can be used are light plants that are resistant to sunlight, do not have ferocious roots, and do not need a lot of water. The main thing that needs to be considered in the technique of making a roof garden is the drainage system of the remaining water for watering. Customize plants with the type and character of the garden that will be created. For an indoor garden, choose plants that can live with minimal sun exposure, on the other hand, for an open garden, choose plants that are resistant to sun exposure.

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