Choosing The Right BB Cream For You

BB cream is a makeup base that is suitable for women in their 20s. The texture of BB cream, which is lighter than the foundation, is considered less dry. The use of BB cream is considered sufficient to hide facial flaws such as acne scars, dark spots, and dull skin that is often experienced by women in their 20s. You can trust a beauty products tested by professionals.

BB cream helps moisturize problematic skin due to hormonal imbalance. In your 20s, the sebum production in your skin reaches its peak, so your skin will change rapidly. Acne, acne scars, and large pores are common skin problems in your 20s. Did you know that dry skin is one of the main causes of these problems?

When the hormonal balance is disturbed due to stress or lifestyle, the balance of water and oil in the skin is also disturbed. If the skin condition is disturbed, the skin cannot keep moisture so it becomes dry. Dry skin will thin out the protective layer of skin. It makes the skin sensitive or easily irritated and rough. In the end, your skin will become wrinkled and wrinkled. It can be said that dry skin problems will cause other skin problems. To overcome this, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and choose skincare that is suitable for your skin.

You can find BB creams with a light texture closer to CC cream, to heavy ones closer to the foundation. We recommend choosing a product texture that is not only easy to smooth, but also gives a flawless skin effect. If you like a natural finish, choose products that are soft and have a moisturizing effect. The cream will appear to blend with your skin so you can look fresh with skin that looks natural. However, BB cream products with this texture generally do not have high coverage. If you have reddish skin or skin problems that you want to cover up, choose a BB cream with a thicker texture. The higher the thickness of the cream, the higher the coverage level that will be obtained. In addition, products containing pearls will make your skin look glowing. You can also choose a BB cream with a pink shade for brighter skin.

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