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Carpet Cleaning: Professional Service

In most cases, we don’t know how to wash a carpet and will turn to professionals for a thorough cleaning. We recommend a home pick-up service for carpet cleaning. We will pick up your carpet at your home and bring it to our professional cleaning pressure washing center. Within a short period of time, we will return your rug clean. Avoid headaches and save on heavy carpet transportation to the laundry, as well as save money.

Power or pressure washing can clean your driveway, decks and other exterior features. (Dreamstime/TNS)

Here are the steps we take to wash the carpet:

Check the carpet. We assess the product and record its condition: tears, stains, and find out the type of fabric to use the most appropriate treatment.
Clean the dust. The carpet is cleaned from dust and other materials that may be in it.
Color Test. We do an analysis to check if the carpet will bleed.
Remove stain. The stain is cleaned with a special product depending on the material.
We then clean both sides of the carpet with soap to remove 100% of the dirt.
Clean. To remove all soap and other products used when cleaning, rinse the carpet with treated water.
Roll up the carpet. The carpet is rolled up to remove all of the water without damaging the lint.
Dry. Using a high-quality dryer and in no time, we remove all moisture from the carpet.
Brushing. When the carpet is clean, we brush it to clean it from the hair.

If the carpet requires dry cleaning services, use perchloroethylene.

We usually use rugs in winter because they can be warm as well as decoration. For proper care, we recommend weekly vacuuming and removing any stains with soap and water. In late winter, it is ideal to use a dry cleaning service to clean it thoroughly. When the rug is returned, it must be stored properly to keep it in good condition during the summer.

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