Benefits Of Massages For Women

Massage is one of the traditional ways to deal with pain. This method can also be applied to all ages ranging from children to adults. Traditional massage is especially good for women. Because gold coast massage has many benefits that are very good for the body. Well, for those of you who like to do traditional massage regularly, let’s take a look at the good benefits that are obtained. Women are most susceptible to migraines or headaches. Researchers from the University of Auckland found that many people who suffer from migraine problems are resolved and rarely experience migraines after doing massage therapy for several weeks of traditional massage therapy. Because massage can make tense muscles around the neck and head relax and can improve blood circulation.

Massage can stimulate blood flow, massaging the face regularly can make the face look healthy and radiant. Women’s health professionals also claim that massaging can tighten loose skin, promote lymphatic drainage, or push toxins out of cells so that nutrients can be absorbed by the skin and treat dull skin problems. The routine thing that is felt by women every month is the problem of PMS. Massage can treat and relieve the symptoms of Pre Menstrual Syndrome such as sudden mood swings, flatulence, headaches, and body aches. According to a study conducted by the Touch Research Institute and the University of Miami Medical School, researchers found that regular massage can reduce PMS symptoms in women ages 19 to 45.

Massage can also help sufferers of chronic soft tissue or joint pain such as arthritis. According to Nancy M Porambo, a massage therapist who has a license from the American Massage Therapy Association, massage can help overcome this problem. Special massage techniques performed on patients suffering from special pain have a positive effect and reduce the pain they feel. Researchers in Boston found that patients with metastatic cancer reported that their sleep quality was better, and the pain was less after receiving massage therapy. A study conducted in 2004 at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer, New York City also found that massage can reduce symptoms of pain, nausea, fatigue, depression, and stress in cancer sufferers.

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