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Be Patient, Time Will Answer Your Effort

The burden of life does not necessarily end when you graduate and get your bachelor’s degree. Before you obtain your bachelor’s degree, people always ask when you graduate. Make it a motivation for you. When a bachelor’s degree has been officially carried, you can hope that with your graduation this will no longer make people ask about your educational status. But your mind is full again with the question “why haven’t found a job?”. Impressed as if there was no effort from you to find work. You always wonder “why is it hard for me to get a job?” While your other friends have gotten a job. Sometimes you think that God is unjust. Ask your friends, do they make a prayer for padre pio healing somewhere so they can quickly get a job? Or they do work at a family place so they don’t have to wait long for work calls.

But do you know what actually makes God still want you to be unemployed?

God is preparing the best work for you
Seeing a friend who gets a job first from you, makes you think that their life is good. But do not you know that behind it all sometimes stored a quite heavy burden. Whether it’s work that is not in accordance with the wishes, or work pressures that they feel almost every day. Now maybe God doesn’t want this to happen to you. So God really is preparing the best work for you.

You never know how many prayers to be answered. You just need to always pray, try and hope

Sometimes you feel like you’ve always prayed, begged and paid homage to the Creator, but your prayers haven’t been answered. So that arises fatigue in yourself, feel what you are doing is all in vain. But are you aware that God actually has listened to your prayers? It’s just that you never know the number of prayers that your prayers will be answered by God. Your duty remains consistent and always believes that God’s plan will surely be beautiful.

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