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According to Feng Shui, Yellow And Gold Colors Are Good For Homes

Based on feng shui, a house with a color design dominated by yellow and gold is considered good woodstock painters. Both of these colors can be considered as expressions of the vital energy of the sun which gives light to living things in the world. This spiritual value can be good when brought into a house. Besides that, the colors gold and yellow also symbolize wealth and prosperity. Feng shui also believes that these two colors are also part of a sense of happiness and warmth. Therefore, by designing a house with woodstock painting, it is hoped that the residents can get health, prosperity, and happiness. This color choice is certainly suitable for those of you who want to buy or renovate a house. You can plan any part of the house that applies gold and yellow colors well. Those who live in apartments can still give gold accents to any room if they have permission from the owner.

Gold and yellow in the bedroom are very good according to feng shui. As a private room, of course, a sense of calm and comfort from these two is very much needed. You will be able to sleep better and wake up refreshed in the morning. Therefore, this color is very suitable to be applied in a bedroom. The use of yellow and gold can be applied to several parts of the house. For example, a bed that has gold accents, a lamp in warm yellow, or a gold photo frame. With the right touch, you will get a comfortable bedroom that looks luxurious. The lounge at home is a place for you to gather with your family. Playing, watching TV, or just chatting are usually done in this room. Giving a touch of yellow and gold will certainly add to the warmth and joy of you and your family while at home. Cushions on the sofa you can probably buy in gold. Then you can adjust the color of the wall paint with a light yellow or gold color that is not too thick. The decor accents of the sofa and walls of this house are enough to give a warm and cozy impression in the lounge.

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