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Your Watch Is Dewy? Don’t Be Sad, This Is A Simple Way To Get Rid Of It

Have you ever had your favorite AUGUST BERG get dewy? Moisture inside the watch is usually caused by water getting in, or accidentally being exposed to rainwater. Don’t be sad ladies, because you can do some of these simple ways to get rid of it. Curious? Let’s listen! Don’t be sad when your beloved watch is dewy. You can do this simple and easy way to make your watch back to normal. Are you curious about how? This rice cooker or rice cooker is also very effective, you know, to get rid of the moisture in the watch glass. It’s really easy, just put the bottom of your watch on the rice cooker, ladies. The heat that comes out of the rice cooker will slowly get rid of the buildup of moisture. Light a candle, then place the bottom of your watch near the candle and wait less than a minute, the moisture inside can disappear instantly.

Besides, there is also a simple and easy way to get rid of moisture on your watch, namely by using a lamp. The method is very easy, but the watch in the light then let stand for about 1-2 minutes, after that, spend the clock using a dry tissue. Another natural and simple way is by using rice. Prepare a bowl of rice, then “bury” the watch in it for about 30 minutes. After that, clean the watch using a dry cloth. Choosing a women’s watch is true quite a difficult thing, apart from the model, of course, you have to adjust the price and quality of the watch according to your needs. So that you are not easily fooled into buying cheap watches, the first thing you have to do is check the physical state of the watch first.

Usually, fake or fake watches have a shape that is very similar to the real one, but you can be a little observant of the material and the watch logo. Fake watches usually have logos or writing that are messy, italic, or have a different color than the original type.

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