You Must Avoid Some Mistakes When Using Air Conditioners

Many people use the air conditioner in their home. Most people just use the air conditioner and not consider the cleanness. If you use the air conditioner at home and you must consider about the cleanness. The aircon servicing singapore will help you to clean the air conditioner in your home. The dirty air conditioner will affect the quality and performance of the air conditioner.

Many people don’t clean the air conditioner routinely and this condition will increase electricity consumption. You must consider these mistakes when you use the air conditioner at home.

1. You must consider the temperature regulation
There are studies that show that the human body can adapt to the surrounding temperature for 2 weeks. So, you can set your air conditioner temperature higher than your body temperature. in this way, you can save electricity usage by 1.5 percent. It becomes efficient, right?

2. Filters must be cleaned
You must clean the filter of the air conditioner routinely. If you use the air conditioner every day, it will make the dust stick at your air conditioner. You can call the technician to clean and service your air conditioner. If you don’t this thing, the filter will damage easily. The dirty filter can affect your health. It also can increase electricity consumption.

3. You must consider if the air conditioner blocked by the objects
You must consider your air conditioner at home. if the air conditioner is blocked by objects, then it will make the performance of the air conditioner less efficient. Besides that, the air conditioner will also work harder and your electricity will become more wasteful. So, you can move the conditioner to a wall that is not blocked by any objects. You also must consider that the temperature for your room is right.


Author: Christopher

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