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You Can Clean The Interior Of The Air Conditioner With These Some Ways

Many people have air conditioners in their homes. Unfortunately, some of them let their house’s air conditioning dirty and they never cleaned it. In fact, AC cleanliness is important. You have to keep your air conditioner clean if you want to get clean air inside the house. You can use services from aircon servicing local service.

If you want to clean your air conditioner yourself, then there are some tips that you can use. Some of these ways can be tips for those of you who want to clean the inside of the air conditioner by yourself.

1. Use a toothbrush to clean in a narrow place, it is because the brush does not reach the area. When cleaning for this initial stage we don’t need water and detergent. This step is not required to clean from the inside because the dust that sticks to it is just the outside. You can use the water and detergent from the outside of the air conditioner.

2. Clean the dust that sticks to the cooling grid with a brush. If it is difficult to reach with a brush, use it with a toothbrush without using water, especially the Roller Fan (a round fan made of plastic that produces wind). To clean it, we need additional tools such as a cutter / small knife to remove the sticky dust on the fan roller.

3. Wait for 2 hours or more to blame the ac, the longer the better. for ignition, first position the remote to the fan position, not to the cool, dry, or auto position. This is intended to remove the remaining water in it, 10 minutes later it can be changed to the desired position.

You have to clean your air conditioner regularly so you can get clean and quality air inside the house. You have to get it because clean air affects your health.

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