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Understanding The Ethics Of Watching Music Concerts

Watching concerts cannot be as you wish without paying attention to all kinds of rules and ethical boundaries. Even though music concerts are entertainment arts events without limitations of expression, there are important things that require you to understand the ethics that are in it. This not only trains your maturity in responding to an event but helps parties so that things do not damage the image of art and culture. The security will be used When a concert is held. Especially if the concert is held largely and this will certainly attract a large audience. The purpose of this security is to create a sense of security for the committee, musicians, and audience. In allowing security officers to work, they will usually be equipped with a device in the form of ham radio. This tool is very useful to make it easier for them to work and communicate, especially by people who are organizing an event.

Besides, the need for ethics to watch this concert is at least to reduce the impact or harmful threats to those who attend the event. One of the only things is in every audience’s action, this will greatly affect the course of the event. It is not only order that must be considered, but maintaining comfort together in a music stage must respect each other.

Examples of cases that often occur, when many creative music events want interesting collaborations from different and popular music scenes. Certainly not only did it bring in fan base from both fans but also created a pretty strong color from different genres. From that difference, it is very likely to experience the intrigue of every one of the musicians appearing, such as provocation through verbal or banners that are brought, it is better not to demean other fans.

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