Tips to Use Hair Straightener Tool To Keep Your Hair Not Damaged

Hairdressers such as hair straightening penalties are women’s best friends. Today almost all women have it. Do not let the wrong choice and even endanger your hair. For that, you can visit and find various types of hair straightener that you can make reference.

Choosing a hair straightener can not, and do not be careless. It is important to invest in a good quality hair straightener, which is equipped with the latest technology to keep hair not only well-ordered but also well-preserved.

– Do not wear a hair straightener in the condition of wet hair
It’s a big no. Do not use hair straightening tools or other hairdressers that use hot temperatures when hair is wet. If wearing under these conditions, the hair would be damaged and the results of the arrangement were not maximal. Dry the hair with a towel or hair dryer first, if at least 70% dry, your hair can be arranged.

– Clean the hair straightener
To extend the life of your hair straightener, always make sure to clean the plate with a fine microfiber cloth. This fabric can prevent scratches on the surface of the rambutan straightening plate. However, when cleaning the hair straightener tool make sure your hair straightener is in cold condition and not connected with electricity yes. It is also important to pay attention to the storage and use of hair straightener, as it will risk damaging if any fluid enters into it.

– Do not use spray before straightening your hair

If you’re in a hurry, to make hair faster ‘so’, some people spray hairspray first before styling the hair. This is the most common mistake! Hairspray attached to the hair, then exposed to the hot temperature of the hair tool will make it evaporate. This can make hair drier because of the natural moisture is also eroded. The temperature of the hair tool is hot, but the more it makes your hair dry is the use of products that do not fit. Hairspray, wax, or pomade, should be used after you set your hair. The purpose of this styling product is to lock the order. If you want to protect your hair from hot temperature, you can use a heat protectant or hair oil.


Author: Christopher

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