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Tips on Caring for Souvenir Mugs To Stay Durable

Mugs are often used as souvenir kits in various activities, such as wedding souvenirs, corporate souvenirs, seminar kit souvenirs or gifts from the F&B (Food & Beverage) promotional program. Then you can use the souvenir mugs from that you also use as the main drinking place, so often you find souvenir mugs whose pictures are initially good after being used several times the picture is faded or the printing results begin to blur.

This mug is usually a printing mug that works using ink transfer technology (sublimation). Mugs that are used are not ordinary mugs, but coating mugs, which are special layers that allow ink to absorb perfectly on the surface of mug printing. Sublimated ink will be heated to the surface of the mug with a temperature of 180 degrees celsius with a special machine. Then the image will be transferred perfectly to the surface of the mug.

Then how do I keep the souvenir pictures of mugs still good even though washed many times? In this article, you can find out several ways for images of souvenirs to last a long time.

Wash Souvenir Mugs With Smooth Foam
The picture on the mug is stuck because there is a coating. The use of hard foam will cause the surface of the coating to peel off, thus accelerating the damage to the image. The use of fine foam will slow the peeling of the coating on the mug.

Wash with hot water
Washing mug printing with hot water is recommended to kill the bacteria in the Mug. Washing with hot water will also make it dry faster. In addition, hot water will also remove oil stains attached.

Use baking soda powder to get rid of stains on ceramic mugs
Crust stains Coffee or tea is often a problem with mugs. The stain is usually stubborn until it is very difficult to remove. To get rid of these stains, you can use baking soda.

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