This is the way to become a professional painter

Painting is one of the branches of fine art that many people work in. One of the secrets of professional painters is of course not only “talented” but they also, of course, know how to paint techniques correctly even the most important basic thing for painters is to know the various uses and functions of painting equipment. Lots of painting equipment that you must prepare before you execute the various paintings that you will make. For those of you who are still unfamiliar in the world of painting, of course, you need to know what equipment you have to prepare. One of the painting tools that you must prepare is none other than a brush. The brush is one of the tools used to carve paint on the canvas that forms the object or picture that you want to paint. Even so, there are not a few artists or painters who choose not to use a gouache paint brush but instead use their fingers directly.

Of course, to paint without using this brush is one of the techniques chosen according to the tastes of the painter. Painting without using this brush usually uses acrylic or watercolor paint directly removed from the tub so that the texture is much thicker. The brush you use to paint will greatly affect the painting that you produce later. But before, did you know that there are many kinds of brushes themselves with different functions?

Round painting brushes are generally used by watercolorists. This is due to its flexibility and aerodynamics. One of the favorite watercolor painting tools has a round shape. So, it’s very easy for you to make thick and thin lines. This round brush is also suitable for use when painting on large canvas media. Flat painting brushes have a flat, straight ferrule shape, and are generally slightly flat and square. However, sometimes there is also a rectangular shape. The line produced by the flat brush is very good when you are going to make straight contours. This type of painting tool is generally used to paint edge areas, especially small ones. That way, the results will not widen like the results of the round brush.


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