This Is How To Use A Soldering Iron Safely

The way to use a soldering iron is very easy but we must be careful when using it because solder is also dangerous for us and the people around us, you should keep it out of children’s reach. You may also need the best soldering station to improve your work quality.

Now that we will discuss how to use a soldering iron properly, here are the key points when using soldering iron:


The first thing we do use a soldering iron is to turn on the solder or connect the solder to a power source. The method is very easy, we just need to plug in the solder. Then wait a few moments or about 5 minutes for the soldering eyes to become hot.


Prepare a place or container for soldering, this is very important because when we use a soldering iron not every time we hold the solder, we need a good container so that the solder does not touch other items or components so that no errors occur when soldering.


Look for a soldering eye cleaning tool, this solder eye cleaner aims so that after we use a soldering iron, the soldering eye will return to optimal when we use it again because after we solder the components, the remaining lead stuck to the solder will interfere with the solder performance. Usually, this solder cleaner is in the form of laundry cleaning fibers made of aluminum.


Prepare the tin for the alloy when we use the solder. The way to use a solder so that the components can fuse with the PCB board, we attach the tin that we have prepared to the solder, then the tin will melt and form like a liquid after that put the molten tin that has melted into the components that we will join to the PCB board, don’t forget to prepare tin suction, this tin suction serves to when an error occurs when soldering.


Be careful when joining components using solder because we need the practice to produce a good soldering iron, according to my experience using solder, the first time I used a soldering iron was very difficult to do, because tin was difficult to the position after I got used to using solder, I became aware own loophole using it.

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