This Is How To Deliver Dry Cakes Safely In A Long Distance Shipping

Pastries, especially in the form of dry cakes, are prone to be crushed by shock or collision during long-distance shipments, especially if the shipping/courier services are careless in handling the goods or packages, the cake will most likely be destroyed at the destination. However, we don’t need to worry about the problem. We can overcome or at least we can reduce the possibility in various ways, and you may want to hire a trustworthy logistics service company so your pastries will be delivered safely to your customers.

On this occasion, we would like to share about how to overcome the destruction of the cake due to the long-distance shipping process. The professionals have tried to anticipate the destruction of their cookies when shipping via shipping services. Some things that can be done so that pastry package shipments are not easily destroyed during the long-distance shipping process, including:

1. Avoid ordering cookies on a small scale, for example only 1 jar, 2 jars. This is done to avoid small packing that is easily tossed or slammed by the shipping/courier service worker at the time of delivery. So, you should order on a large scale.

2. Do the packing well, for example:
Use a thick box or cardboard.
Using a box or cardboard that is precise / not loose.

3. Give the cookie jar layer with bubble wrap.

4. Put special marks on the package wrap, for example: “Fragile” sign, “upper” sign, “do not slam/stack” sign, and other signs to inform that the item requires special treatment.

5. Choose insurance shipping services, so that our goods will be guaranteed by insurance. If our goods are destroyed during the shipping process, then we will get compensation from the shipping service. This insurance shipping service certainly has a fairly high tariff.

Those are some things that can be done to anticipate or reduce the risk of the destruction of character cookies when shipping long distances. May be useful!


Author: Christopher

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