These Fishing Bait Types Must Be Known By Anglers

There are some advantages of each form of fishing lure. Choose the form of bait that suits your way of fishing and predict the eating habits of the target fish to be caught. You can also go to website of fishing rods to find the one that suits your bait and fishing style.

Here are several types of fishing baits:

– Straight bait type, used for the type of ruling fish

This is the most common form of bait, straight and slender. This type of bait is easy to throw and easily drift. It is suitable for fishing in places where tides change rapidly.

– The asymmetrical type has an extraordinary ability to fool the target fish

When viewed from the top, the bait is asymmetrical on the left and right. The shape creates irregular movements, making it easy to lure the target fish to approach. It’s just that its durability in the water is very large, so anglers need a lot of energy to pull a fishing line.

Anglers can easily feel tired when using this type of bait. Therefore this form of bait is recommended for those of you who want to target large catch fish in one catch.

– Long bait type, the fishing line feels strong

This type of long bait is usually used if you are targeting large fish and squid catches. This is not suitable for throwing over long distances. Recommended for those of you who fish using large boats.

– Short type, its usefulness depends on the material and its weight

This short type of fishing bait can be used to lure small fish and also several types of big fish. This type of bait tends to be light and can be thrown for long distances. It is recommended to add ballast if you want to use this type of bait.

– Slow type, for female anglers

This type of bait is shaped like a flat egg. This bait can be used to catch various types of fish such as big red snappers. This type of bait is very popular with female anglers who generally do not have enough energy to pull a fishing line. Fishing lures that can be used many times, making it the choice of anglers because it can save the cost of buying bait.


Author: Christopher

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