These Factors Make Sewings Clot In The Lower Parts Of Clothes

If while sewing, the stitches suddenly clot at the bottom. then this, of course, will make confusion at the same time lest the sewing machine is broken. And because they are still new to sewing machines, they usually do not dare to tamper with the machine because of fear of becoming more damaged. However, the actual clot stitches at the bottom of this cause are trivial, namely the sewing thread that does not really enter the tension (concoct) tension control thread. It may also have entered in the middle of the tension plate, but because it is too loose, it causes the stitches to clot. Aside from that, you can use the best bobbin winder if you need a tool to keep your yarn neatly.

As an example, let’s try to run a sewing machine with the thread just sticking to the tension.

and this is the result, which is a lumpy seam at the bottom, if it continues to be forced to run the sewing machine it will usually be stuck because the sewing thread meets the lifeboat

The solution to this problem is that we just need to fix the position of the sewing thread so that it fits right in and is pinched into the sidelines of the tension plate, and also adjust the tension of the tension to make it fit, not too tight and also not too loose to produce a good stitch in the section top or bottom. then usually the results of the stitches will return to good.

Apart from the clumped seams at the bottom, there are also seams that are good at the bottom but the top looks tight, although it has turned the tension of the machine to a more relaxed position, the stitches are still tight at the top.

This is because there is a sewing thread involved in the sidelines of the iron clamp of the sewing machine lifeboat, the solution to this problem is to pin it using a pin so that the remaining thread that is stuck can be removed, and after it is clean then usually the stitches will return to good . not recommended to open a small bolt in the lifeboat, because it is very small so it could be lost.


Author: Christopher

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