These Are Tips To Keep Your Car’s Carpet Clean

The way to maintain the cleanliness of the car carpet that you can do first is to pay attention to footwear before getting into the car. Wet footwear will cause the cleanliness of the carpet of the car to be bad. Besides that, don’t get dirty footwear to touch the carpet because it will also make it dirty. If there is soil or mud attached to footwear, immediately clean it first. It would be better if you buy footwear to use in the car so that the conditions remain dry and not wet. Additionally, you may want to call the best royal1 mobile detailing when you can’t wash your car’s carpet by yourself.

Brushing the Carpet

The next tip is to brush the dirty car carpet. This brushing can be started by choosing the right brush material which is tailored to the type of carpet. For carpets made of velvet brushing, it is not appropriate because it will cause the velvet layer to become damaged. This brushing can be done on synthetic, semi-leather, rubber, and so on. The liquids used in brushing should not be arbitrary if you choose a liquid that is disinfectant which can be used to remove germs attached to the dirty part of the carpet.

Clean with a Vacuum Cleaner

For velvet rugs, vacuum cleaners can clean them well. This vacuum cleaner can remove dust and dirt attached to the carpet so that it can be clean again. For easy cleaning, you should choose a minimalist vacuum where light is held using one or both hands. This vacuum is different from the one used to clean the house carpet because the mass is heavier and the components are more complex. Interestingly, this vacuum cleaner also functions as a bacterial remover that attaches to the carpet.

Clean Periodically

To maintain the cleanliness of the carpet the car is maintained should not wait until the carpet is dirty because bacteria can also stick to the carpet that is rarely cleaned. You can wash the carpet with anti-bacterial soap mixed with water regularly at least every two weeks. Clean thoroughly so that all parts of the carpet surface can be perfectly clean. After cleaning, dry it immediately so that the carpet is completely dry.


Author: Christopher

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