These Are The Impacts Of Being Exposed To An AC’s Temperature For Too Long

At present most of us live cannot be separated from using air conditioning or air conditioner (AC). Either sleeping in a room, driving in a car and even in the office exposed to air conditioning, even going to the air-conditioned mall aircon servicing singapore. However, the problem is whether to spend a lot of time in a room with air conditioning safe? The answer is obviously not. Aside from that, if your AC is damaged severely, you may call the aircon servicing near your area.

Here are some of the adverse effects of exposure to air from AC too often:

Wrinkle skin

AC is able to suck moisture (moisture) from the surrounding air. Even the moisture on the skin can also be pulled by AC. That is why the skin can become dry, easily irritated, and wrinkled.

Triggers headaches and flu

For some people, air-conditioned rooms can cause headaches, respiratory problems, even flu, and colds.

Interferes with the body’s system

When you go straight into an air-conditioned room from the hot air or get out of an air-conditioned room and into a hot environment, your body cannot adjust to these sudden changes in temperature so that your body will become disturbed and sick.

Worsens health conditions

For those of you who have health problems, such as arthritis, low blood pressure, flu, and other health problems, being in an air-conditioned room can make your health condition worse.

Causing fatigue

The condition of shaking or shivering when the AC temperature is too cold can cause you to become tired and have a headache.

Those are some of the adverse effects of being exposed to air conditioning every day. To overcome these adverse effects, you can replace your air conditioner with Nanotechnology smart AC. Nanotechnology is a technology that ionizes water molecules so that your skin will not feel dry even though it is in an air-conditioned room all day. This technology can also reduce bacteria and make the air cleaner.


Author: Christopher

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