There Are Some Processes That Can Make Google Indexes Your Article Quickly

Before you learn how to get Google’s indexed website articles quickly without backlinks, it’s a good idea to understand the processes before you do this. Meanwhile, if you want to read more news regarding Google and its products, you can go to the Tech News website.

We give you these processes in the form of a checklist in the form of questions so that you can evaluate the process that you are running is appropriate or not. Here is a list of questions:

1. Do you already have an account on Google Webmaster and your website is connected to the account in Search Console? If not, please register here first =>

2. Have you submitted your sitemap to Google Search Console? If not, please create a sitemap for your website and submit it via the following url => then click the ADD / TEST SITE MAP button.

3. Have you done keyword competition research and competitors? To do this research is very easy. The first, please install the addon called SEOquake which you can download at After the add on is active, then type the keywords you want on Google and then pay attention to the website that is ranked 1 -10. Calculate how many websites have an Alexa Rank of more than 1 million. After you get the numbers, then also count the number of search results. The parameters are like this. If a website ranked 1-10 with an Alexa Rank of more than 1 million is at least 3 and the number of search results is less than 500 thousand, then your website articles can be indexed quickly by Google. The key is here.

4. Does your website article have a minimum number of words of 300 words? If there are no 300 words, please edit your website’s article and add more than 300 words. The number of words the faster your website articles is indexed.

5. Is your SEO score over 80? To measure the SEO score of your website please go to the website If your website article score is less than 80 then first fix your article to at least 80.


Author: Christopher

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