The wide scope of patent rights and laws

By Octrooiwet 1910, a patent is a special right granted a person or petition to that person who creates a new product, a new way of working or a new repair of the product or from the workings. While the definition of patents by dictionary Indonesian language is a commercial letter or permit from the government which states that people or companies may make their own income (others cannot make it). On the other hand, you may also need to hire the reputable and trusted US Patent Attorney whenever you need to protect your ideas and inventions.

From the foregoing it may be mentioned that the patent is the right of a person who has obtained a new invention or a new way of working and improvement, all of which are included in one word, the invention in the field of technology granted by the government, and to the right holder is permitted to use it himself or his permission to transfer the use of that right to others.

Object and patent subject

When we speak of something, it can not be separated from the subject matter. If this is attributed to a patent, then the object is an intangible object, therefore the patent is an intangible object that is part of the industrial right or property. Patents have an object to the invention or also called invention in the field of technology that can be practically used in the field of industry. Understanding the industry here not only to a particular industry but in the broadest sense including the results of technological developments in the industry in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and the field of educational technology.

it is clear that the scope of the patent is so broad, in line with the vastness of the human mind’s power horizon. Any creations that are born from the horizon of human thought power can be the object of patents, as long as they are findings in the field of technology and can be applied in the field of the industry including its development. Thus it is possible that the patent object will develop in line with the development of science and technology and human intellectual abilities.


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