Things to Pay Attention In Translating

Things to Pay Attention In Translating

Translation is an activity to transfer messages from the source language into other languages ??(target languages). The good translation is an acceptable translation, meaning that the message in the source language is well conveyed. Translation activities are not a matter of being right or not being heard in the ear or awkward or not read, but how the translator conveys messages, concepts, and culture from the source language to the target language. This is not as easy as we imagined. However, if we already understand and are familiar with the culture and concepts that will be translated, the writing of the translation easily flows. In the event you need a professional translation agency with a good reputation and quality, don’t hesitate to visit

A translator is not only based on one source like the bilingual dictionary, but he also uses various insights he has. This aims to produce a good translation and the text will not feel like the translation results when read by others.

Generally speaking, the good translation is a translation that does not sound like the result of translation, but the message can be conveyed correctly or can be maintained despite changes in structure or form (words, phrases, clauses, sentences, paragraphs).

Such as reading books on economics, novel translations, and text in films must be communicative, so that the reader or the audience does not feel that they are all translated results. Usually, the results of a translation that is not good will feel stiff and not connected.

To make a good translation, a translator must do several things, namely:

– fully understand the content and intent of the author in the source language;

– Having perfect language knowledge, both source language, and the target language;

– Avoid the tendency to translate words per word because techniques will damage the meaning of the original word and the beauty of expression;

– Able to use phrases that are commonly used every day; and

– Ability to present the tone and original color of the source language in the translation work.

Thus, a good translation is a translation that retains meaning in the source language text by using a language that is easily understood by the reader.

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The 8 benefits of playing video games you need to know

Along with the development of time, video game consoles and game-games themselves are also growing. More sophisticated, stunning, especially with graphics that look very real, making everyone good children or adults like to play games. Parents always say that playing games too long is not good. Correct. However, if we know the time, it turns out playing games also have many benefits for us, you know. Let’s see what are the 8 benefits of playing video games. Apart from that, perhaps you also want to check out the legend of solgard hack for android.

8. Physiotherapy

The Nintendo Wii console is great for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. In one study, 55% of patients were more able to control their balance and could walk faster and far after playing for 12 weeks.

7. Eliminate stress

Playing video games reduces stress hormones (cortisol) up to 17%. Game Puzzles such as “Bejeweled” have been proven to reduce human physical stress levels by 54%.

6. Multitasking

Gamers can concentrate more on doing 6 different things at a time than non-gamers who can only do 4 things. Gamers can also complete a behavioral and perception test 20% more effectively.

5. Increase Vision

Contradicting this belief, playing games turned out to increase vision accuracy by 20%. But it should be noted that you cannot play more than a few hours a day and your eyes are too close to the monitor screen.

4. Relationship between Fellow

No doubt, 76% of couples playing games together said that this had a positive effect on their household relationships.

3. Pain Relievers

The level of pain experienced by patients with burns is reduced by up to 50% when they play games. In fact, a study revealed that if a game with an element of violence can increase the level of tolerance of human pain by 65%.

2. IQ

Gamers are 50% better, more sensitive, and considerate in detail and detail. Like for example, gamers can see there are small patches on your clothes.

1. Faster reaction

The ability of gamers to shoot zombies in the blink of an eye is also influential in real life. Reactions or reflexes that gamers have are more or less the same as fighter pilots.

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The useful tips for maintaining your iPhone’s touchscreen

The useful tips for maintaining your iPhone’s touchscreen

Use tempered glass for your iPhone. This method is quite successful in minimizing the risk of a broken or cracked screen. Several times the iPhone slams or falls from the hand, tempered glass is able to protect the screen from damage. However, that does not mean you can be less careful. In essence, do not delay to install tempered glass after buying an iPhone. On the other hand, perhaps you should also take a look at the excellent refurbished Apple iphone 7.

In offline or online stores, there are many choices, and the price is fairly affordable.

Next, use a hard case for your iPhone, it is hard to resist. Besides tempered glass, you can try the hard case. The hard case can protect the iPhone’s body as a whole from the impact.

The hard case protects the glass and also protects against scratches, faded colors, or splashes of water. The iPhone can last longer, as long as it’s protected by a quality hard case.

Then, don’t forget to put your iPhone on the bumper. Well, if you use an iPhone 4 or 5, it is advisable to use a bumper. The two series of devices are made of the rear windshield and are equipped with a protective edge made of glass. The bumper will protect the glass body on the device from the risk of cracking or breaking.

Well, here are some tips so that the iPhone screen can last. That way, you don’t need to risk to replace the screen on a third party, right?

Aside from that, you definitely need to clean your iPhone regularly. Although dirt and other foreign materials may not damage the touchscreen of your iPhone directly, they may degrade its quality over time. That’s why make sure you clean it regularly and properly, so it will be able to function normally for a long time.

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The Mistakes to Avoid When Using Bow for Hunting

The Mistakes to Avoid When Using Bow for Hunting

Finding the right hunting with a recurve bow is important since it can provide you the different experience when using it. Just imagine what can happen if you use the wrong bow. It can even lead you to make the mistakes as people do during their hunting with the bow. The following are mistakes you may not make during going hunting using the recurve bow.

Standing attitude that is not consistent

Does your foot position change from archery to the next one? Your standing attitude, where you place your feet when archery is the basis of your archery. Standing attitude You must be strong and consistent with each archery. To ensure your standing attitude is consistent you can give duct tape to where you stand while practicing. For example, you can place duct tape under the heel so that your heel position is always the same for each shot.

Elbow Round

Correct elbow rotation is the simplest, but important for archers. This means keeping your elbows straight up or down when pulling and releasing arrows. If your elbow is not straight, it can produce many problems, such as bruises on the elbows or arrows deviating to one side of the target. To avoid this problem, make sure your elbows are straight before lifting and pulling the bow. By aligning your elbows correctly and keeping the position while arching, the top of your body will align properly which will result in stronger and more targeted archery.

Linkage (Finger Position on Bowstring)

When you place your fingers on the bowstring, do you notice the placement? Or do you just hold the bowstring and pull it? In a hurry to place the fingers on the bowstring is one of the mistakes that are often done by archers. Look back at the placement of your fingers to get a big difference in your archery.

Strength of Archery

The mistake usually made by archer culture is to fail to shoot strongly. Shooting too fast often makes weak archery. Another cause is too focused on aiming so that you forget the right muscle movements.

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Considerations before you start a live stream

Considerations before you start a live stream

Live Streaming is good for non-profit institutions, NGOs, business companies and brands, think tank organizations or idea makers, event makers, technology developers or individual individuals. Live Streaming is included in new media tools and currently has a lot of observers along with the development of information technology. There are around 500 sites in the world that provide live streaming facilities with free to paid packages.

Live streaming can have a positive influence on the community that is built when it can be done well and integrated with websites or online social media communities.

Is it ready and good to make a live streaming event?

There are several different ways to use live streaming technology. You can do live streaming directly when the event is running, or you can schedule the event to be displayed with the recorded video event. There are lots of clues and opinions that lead to broadcasting video events, speeches or conferences little by little.

After gaining attention from the community or viewers who become the basis for the next event. After they are ready (the theory) then you can switch to live broadcast or live streaming. Some opinions also provide instructions for streaming with famous videos that have free copyright or creative common.

Do you have to have special skills or people who are experts in video production?

The answer is absolutely unnecessary. Because with existing technology, goods or tools or video-making tools that are sold freely and have high quality at this time, and live streaming has indeed been designed to be easy to use. How difficult, beautiful or complicated the video depends on your ability to produce.

In fact, you can easily host events with live streaming on blogs, portals or many HTML editors with limited knowledge and a little effort.

What platforms can be used for Live Streaming?

Lots of service providers to do live streaming, from free to paid. You can install Wowza on your own server or use two well-known providers such as and Both provide services both free and paid. Also provides integration facilities with mobile devices and APIs to social media. Choose what you like with your taste, and there are other platforms that are lighter as well.

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Know What Are the Symptoms of Obesity Early

Know What Are the Symptoms of Obesity Early

Obesity is a disease that is dangerous and must be avoided by everyone. Because, obesity will usually make their body’s performance become weak and slow in digesting. For that, it’s good for someone to keep their body weight to be normal and in accordance with their height. To deal with the problem of obesity suffered by someone. Dr. J Maani Bariatric Surgeon Sydney can help them and handle them well.

To find out if you suffer from obesity, then there are several symptoms that you must know well so that you can handle the obesity problem immediately. Some of the symptoms you should know are

– Out of breath
The breath of someone who experiences excessive weight gain will become heavier and this occurs in many cases of obesity. It’s simple, shortness of breath is experienced due to the accumulation of fat which is located in the chest and neck so that it inhibits air flow. The air becomes more difficult in and out of the lungs and results in breathing difficulties.

– High blood pressure
Blood pressure can increase when someone is obese. Hypertension and obesity are two things that are closely related because the fat that accumulates in the body will increase the risk of high blood pressure. Heart attacks and strokes are two diseases that you should be aware of when you are obese.

– Tired Easily
Although not active much, someone who is obese will feel tired quickly when walking longer and far less. The tiredness of the body can also indicate that the person lacks exercise, but if accompanied by other symptoms that have been mentioned, this can mean obesity.

– Gastric pains
Excessive fat in the digestive tract system will trigger pressure there and this is what causes stomach acid as well. With fat accumulation, the stomach contents will be pushed towards the esophagus. Symptoms of ulcer eventually appear along with a sensation of heat in the throat and chest bone that feels pain.

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Making your living room feels more spacious

Making your living room feels more spacious

Take advantage of natural light sources to make the room brighter. A sunlit room looks more open and helps get rid of the shadows that can make the enclosure look smaller. The easiest way to maximize natural light in a room is to place a mirror that will reflect light through the window. In addition, the mirror also creates the illusion of contrasting space. If possible, place furniture that is most often used such as a comfortable sofa or chair so that it has a view to the outside. In the meantime, you can go to to find the recommended decorative items that you can buy for your living room.

The right color choice

The use of classic white or pastel colors is still the best choice for painting smaller spaces. In addition, painting the walls and indoor walls of the same color also attract attention and highlight the ceiling, like in this room.

However, you can also choose darker and calmer colors such as dark blue or dark gray, which can make the small room more inviting. The trick in a small space is to balance the dark walls with lighter elements to create depth and brighten the room, for example placing a lighter colored sofa on a dark wall. Add more brightly colored furniture, colorful accessories and patterned carpets.

If you are brave, you can also experiment with paint or wallpaper patterned vertical or horizontal lines on the wall, which will visually expand or lengthen the wall.

Get rid of old soft couches

An important principle is to avoid large and heavy furniture that will dominate and make the room feel smaller. Instead, choose furniture, especially low and efficient sofas. That is, there is a short distance from the floor to the seat. From a design point of view, this means the foot of the sofa is smaller, the pillow is slim or the bottom is narrow.

Take advantage of the wall above your sofa to balance the space with large-scale decorations. For example, hanging a large painting or arranging a row of vertical shelves that pull the view up.

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How to Speed ??up Google Search Index

How to Speed ??up Google Search Index

For blog and website owners, they certainly hope that every time they publish a new article, they can be directly indexed by Google. This is very natural because if the posting is not indexed or has been indexed for a long time, of course, every time an article is published, the website customer will not know about new posts or even traffic will never increase from time to time. In this article explain how to speed up the Google search index? You must understand the contents of this article so that your web post is fast on the Google index. Here are the steps you must take to speed up the Google search/search engine index based on our new york SEO survey as one of the best SEO.


The first to speed up the Google index is to optimize SEO on the page. There are several elements that are very important in SEO on-page optimization. Start the post title, description, fill the article, keyword and internal link or external link. by combining several basic theories of SEO optimization on the page. Now you have made one of the ways that the article can be indexed by Google quickly. Sitemap signals are one of the indicators used to find out about the latest posts and also as a way to go to the pages of sites that will be crawled by search engines or spider bots. Sending site sitemaps or sitemaps is highly recommended to speed up the Google index.

Next, after you know the secret about how to speed up the Google index above. The steps that need to be taken to be faster on the Google index are to use the basic theory of SEO optimization of the page. The easiest way to use SEO off page optimization is after publishing a new post article, it is highly recommended to post on some well-known websites such as social media, social bookmarking, Feedburner, Web Directory and more. If you have done all the points above, now you can calm down in approximately 3X24 hours then the latest posts that you publish will be quickly indexed by Google. do this every time you make a new article on your blog and website. Then you will receive a lot of visitor traffic from search engines.

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