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The Proper Way To Clean Ceramic, Parquet, And Granite Tiles

Ceramic material is the most commonly used tile covering material because the price is relatively affordable and there are many choices of motifs and textures. The most important thing to consider when cleaning ceramic tiles is grout or ceramic connection gaps. This is where the dirt usually builds up which makes it dirty and unsightly. Brush your ceramic grout regularly with a liquid tile cleaner. You can also use special grout cleaning agents that will make it easier for you to remove dirt that has already accumulated. For the ceramic surface itself, simply sweep and mop regularly every day. If necessary, choose a mop and microfiber material so that dust and dirt can be lifted properly. Meanwhile, you can also go to tile shop waterlooville if you want to buy.

Then, hardwood or parquet tiles have their own ways to clean it, especially for solid wood parquet or made of natural wood. Solid wood parquet is enough to be swept and should not be wet mopped because solid wood parquet should not be damp because of the risk of decay. Clean the parquet with a broom made of soft or to be more practical, use a vacuum cleaner. So that the appearance of wood remains optimal, you can do the shine using a special material wood polish. Shine can be done at least once a month if necessary.

On the other hand, Granite including tile covering material that is quite attractive because of its beautiful appearance. In order to maintain its appearance, granite needs to be cleaned regularly. The method is almost the same as how to clean the ceramic tile by sweeping and mopping. But for granite tiles, you have to make sure the granite is dry after dipping by wiping it with a cloth made from microfiber. It’s because the granite is left wet and dries on its own, the residual water mops the risk of causing stains on the granite and it will be difficult to remove it. If such stains have arisen, you have to re-polish the granite.

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