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The Difference Between THC and CBD

Many people said if the THC is the same as CBD because they come from the same plant and that is cannabis. We can not deny there are many countries that are not allowed the use of marijuana but they do not know if THC and CBD are different from marijuana. If we know about CBD because of CBD coffee sale is so rapidly but we do not really know about THC. if the CBD is a cannabinoid, THC is tetra hydro cannabinol. Both are the compound contained in cannabis but has the opposite function. Both like fire and water that never unified or have the same role although from a single source. We can look at some of the functions opposite to each other. First, if the THC can cause paranoid of something and anxiety for the user. Because THC has a compound that affects the mind of the user. Different from THC, CBD coffee can remove and eliminate the anxiety of the user. If you want to get the best CBD coffee, you can visit our website because i found various brands here.

The aroma of CBD can calm the user and enables the user to control their mind. Second, if THC can cause the addiction for the user and it also intoxicating. It can cause the user to often feel dizzy and headache but the CBD is different. It does not cause the user headache and it is non-intoxicating. Not quite up there, the THC also contains the compound that can cause the users are easy to sleep. It has known if the compound found in marijuana and causes marijuana use as a sleep aid. That is different from sleeping pills that make us sleepy and fall asleep naturally. It will force our brain cells to rest like to switch off the TV. Cbd coffee does not make the user easily sleep. Even though we are sleepy and we fall asleep it is not enforced.

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