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Revive The Balance Of Your Body And Soul Through Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca ceremony Peru experienced this first hand in my first ayahuasca ceremony. I had spent years manifesting the physical and emotional effects of hysteria and other negative patterns of thought which I had slipped into. During the ayahuasca ceremony, the plant medicine opened the a part of my subconscious where a number of these memories and patterns were buried deeply. In a night of intense clarity, i used to be ready to see exactly how I had created these negative patterns and every one the while I could feel a number of these memories being released at cellular levels because the plant wove its way through my veins. It was as if a divine intelligence opened within me and shut off my ego so it could show me the important parts of my past and present that I needed to see to heal. There are many ways to restore the balance of mental and physical health in the body such as diet, meditation, yoga, exercise, stress reduction techniques and lifestyle changes. However, as people who practice yoga know, the further we stray from balance the tougher returning into that balance are often . I encourage you to share your stories about coming back into balance and how you achieved this.

The human body is also constantly seeking balance. The system works overtime when a far off invader comes into the body and threatens to disrupt the balance within. Ayahuasca can also restore balance to the body through its various actions on serotonin, dopamine and other chemicals in our bodies. By watching the instance of electrical charge buildup and lightning, perhaps we will shed some light on the vast differences in ayahuasca experiences. When our mind has been stressed and dis-eased with troubles in life, we can grow out of balance. This imbalance may cause our serotonin levels to be abnormally low, cortisone levels to be abnormally high and thus we feel depressed, a scarcity of energy or variety of other symptoms caused by serotonin deficiency.

Ayahuasca ceremony Peru may act to revive this balance and therefore the intensity of the ayahuasca experience might be a results of the degree of imbalance that we had going into the ceremony. In the case of lightning, if huge amounts of electrical charge build up, we observe a huge bolt of lightning. If we build up large amounts negative psychic energy , this energy is released in powerful and sometimes unexplained ways by ayahuasca. Ayahuasca may be showing us exactly what we need to see in order to address the imbalance that has built up within ourselves. This explains the strong effect of purging and emotional catharsis that ayahuasca often brings on. This cleansing is restoring the balance in our minds and bodies that has become off due to old habits.

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