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Privacy And Convenience Of A Home-Test

One of the most popular at-home tests is a pregnancy test that has been used for decades. Nowadays, you could easily find an at-home test kit to diagnose STD, urinary tract infections, and measuring cholesterol levels at Not only that, but you could also order many tests that your doctor usually provide in the labs or clinic through the internet. You just need to order the kit online and send back the sample to the lab and get the result within days. Do not worry because your test will be analyzed by professionals. This will of course will give you more convenience in privacy, time, and money.

But these tests also have some drawbacks when you cut off health-care-provider service. When you find out the meaning of your result from the lab, you still need a physical exam or medical history to get the full interpretation. For example, a test for heart disease early detection should only be used for people at a moderate risk to get more serious treatment. And it should be your doctor that determine the coronary risk you might suffer through thorough examination with the proper tool. Random testing could also increase avoidable anxiety that will require further tests and treatment. For example, ovarian cancer like the CA-125 is a screening tool that could not be used by itself because it will give you a poor result. Or a test to detect prostate cancer that used prostate-specific antigen that might be high for many reasons but usually harmless.

However, the at-home test could be very beneficial when privacy and anonymity are crucial. For example, for people that live in states that would not guarantee anonymity for HIV. Even though for people that undergo HIV testing is better to get face-to-face counseling, a great HIV test product could give an accurate result and protect your privacy. Then you could get the treatment you need if the result is positive and get social-service and medical referrals easily. Or you could choose to get direct-access testing when time is an issue for you. However, it is important to research the test kit provider and call your doctor to talk about the result of the test.

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