Muscle Nation Exercises Recommendation for Women

There are so many trendy workouts for women, like shake weights, bouncy boots or vibration plates. Those workouts are always interesting for other people and inspire them to move. You don’t need a lot of equipment, you just need a yoga mat and a pair of light and medium-weight dumbbells. Muscle Nation has some recommended exercises for women that good for strengthening your inner thighs, core, shoulders, and butt. This workout will help you to feel strong, confident and healthy.

If you are interested to start doing a workout, here’s the best exercises recommendation for your daily routine.

Best Exercises Recommendation for Women by Muscle Nation

1. Push-up

Push-up is one of the recommended exercises by Muscle Nation. This kind of exercise challenges the entire body while burning some calories, especially your chest. Push-up will help to improve your in other exercises and trains a functional movement pattern for your body. Place your hands on the floor in line or slightly wider than your shoulders with feet close together. After that, keeping core braced and hips lifted the entire time. Lower your body until the chest nearly touches the floor, you can push yourself back to the first position.

2. Shoulder Stands

Another Muscle Nation recommendation for women to add to their workout is shoulder stands. There are so many benefits for both mental and physical, such as for blood flow, relaxation or even a new perspective. You can try this exercise by putting your legs up the wall every night for minutes before bed.

The steps are easy to follow by lie down on your back and lift your hips and legs off the ground. Bringing your legs up over the head until your toes reach the floor behind you. Extend your legs straight in the air and place hands behind your back to create a straight line from shoulders to ankles. Hold the shoulder stand for 1 minute and keep your neck relaxed.

That’s about Muscle Nation recommendation exercises for women you should know.


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