Laser Etching Glass, A Gift For Your Special Ones

Currently, a craft is drawing on the surface of hard objects such as glass, acrylic, wood, metal, and leather, more and more demand. In addition, to increase the selling value, a grafir product is also an interesting work of art to enjoy. Creating patterns or images in products such as glass, acrylic, and even metals is not an easy matter, need different accuracy and technique by drawing on canvas or paper. If the wood media, we know it with the term carving, then on the media such as acrylic glass, metal, and our skin is more familiar with the term Grafir. Therefore, click here to reviews of this laser cutter company.

But now, the manufacture of grafir has grown because of the presence of laser machines or commonly called laser engraving. The system works the machine to provide a laser beam with a certain pressure on the media to be in the engraving so as not to be disconnected leaving the rest of the combustion that will form a design pattern in the form of pictures or writing.

Advantages of the engraving by using a laser engraving machine, you can make a drawing on the finished material even though or combine some materials to become one of the interesting and unique works. Graphics can be applied to leather wallets, pendants, watches, pens, pencils, and many others. Each material in the grafir has its own distinctive color, which will cause an interesting effect.

One of the companies who develop laser machines for laser engraving manufacturing is BOSS LEADER. The laser machine is not only used to carve glass only, but other flat areas such as wood, leather, plastic or acrylic also can be carved well and very detailed like the carvings of the craftsmen. In addition, good results and detail are quite satisfactory, we also can shorten the time due to workmanship with a very fast and precise machine.


Author: Christopher

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