Know the right machines for decking

The process of making wood flooring or decking requires a long process. As the selection of wood species to be used is certainly not just any or because it relates to the quality of wood flooring. For example, if it will make wooden decking in then the selected wood must have been aged ripe. the process also uses a variety of wood machinery that supports decking. On the other hand, if you wish to get the exquisite pieces of decking materials, perhaps checking out the Brazilian hardwood ipe can give you a lot of inspirations.

Here are the types of wood machinery for decking:

Planer Machine

This type of machine serves to flatten the bottom and top of the flooring, and the bottom side of the decking to the desired thickness. This machine basically requires 2 operators to run it, because it is included in the machine medium and large size.

Sawing Machine

Serves to split side-side material from flooring or decking up to the maximum width required to fulfill client’s order. The operator of the sawing machine also needs 2 people.

Handsaw Machine

To cut the length of the decking board or flooring material. This machine is operated by one person, including on-hand machine or small machine.

Joining Machine

This type of machine serves to flatten the side that will be used for the area of ??connection (jointer) with other board material. The side is very necessary for the jointer before doing the next process. This process will produce a very functioning 90-degree angle in the T & G process. In making decking, this process must still be done with a jointer machine to flatten the side and make sure the side and bottom are proportional. Two people is enough to run this machine.

T & G Machine

This machine is special for the process of making flooring. T & G is the process of making type joint board with another board. This connection serves to strengthen the connection between boards because the designation of the floorboard is indoors. This machine needs 2 people to run it.

Grinder Machine

Flooring Flooring Flooring Decking is the last process done to make the appearance of flooring or decking to be in accordance with the wishes of the client. Grinder machine is one machine that has many uses in the process of finishing flooring or decking. This machine is operated by one person.


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