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Is Exercise Appropriate For People With Knee Pain?

Knee pain is very common and usually goes away on its own after the risk factors or causes of your knee pain are discovered and stopped. Although usually more often experienced by people who are elderly, it is possible that you who are young can experience knee pain. If you experience knee pain, you should immediately see a doctor get treatment immediately. You can trust a knee specialist in los angeles for your knee pain spectrum medical.

Don’t worry about exercising when you experience knee pain. If your doctor allows you, of course, this will not be a problem. It could be that exercise can help you to recover knee pain. Of course, if done with exercise that is right for people with knee pain. And don’t forget to do it slowly with the right portion.

1. Swim
Follow aerobic exercises in water, such as swimming, to burn more calories. This because water can lighten your body up to 90% of your total weight, depending on how much your body is submerged during exercise. By reducing your body’s burden in water, it will reduce the burden that is supported by your knee joint.

2. Static bicycle
Practice using a static bicycle. The seat on a static bicycle can help reduce the burden on your body, while the circular motion of the pedals can reduce the risk of pain in your knee. Increase the intensity of the exercise by adjusting the resistance on the pedals or by increasing your speed. To be safer, use a semi-recumbent bike to help support your back because this type of bike has a back that is similar to a seat in general.

3. Walk
Of course, this sport is the easiest. Keep up your speed when doing brisk walking, both on the road and on the treadmill. The faster you walk, the more weight your weight will be on your knees. Walking to burn calories is the same as the calories you burn when jogging. However, walking is relatively safer because the burden on the knee is not too heavy. If possible, use a treadmill. Treadmills have a flatter and more comfortable footing surface so it’s good for reducing the risk of your knee pain.

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