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How to Take Care of a 1-Month-Old Dog For Beginners

Having a cute dog that gives birth or has a small dog is certainly a joy for dog lovers. In addition to enlivening the house, as a cute pet and friend, it is also fun to see it grow and develop to its full potential. For those of you who currently have a 1-month-old dog and don’t fully understand what must be considered during treatment, you can visit

Provide a Safe Place
How to care for a 1-month-old dog, whether it’s a dog from an independent breed or a purchased dog, initially the owner is obliged to prepare the best place or cage for his residence. Provide a cool, fenced area, have good air circulation, and can be reached by sunlight. Keep away from dangerous objects such as fragile items, electric cables, chemicals such as insect repellent, and plastic jelly. Provide a warm and easy-to-clean bed, for example, a small mattress made of foam or a homemade bed made of stacked towels.

Metal Dining Chairs
Provide two metal food containers, because, for a 1-month-old dog, metal is much safer than glass that is easily broken. These two meals are for food and beverage containers, make sure they are always in clean condition and regularly cleaned at least once a day so as not to cause germs.

Good Quality Food
Provide good quality and nutritious food and help him to eat, be sure to feed him food with a soft and soft texture like porridge. You can buy these foods at stores that provide animal needs or make your own from chicken or beef that has been steamed and then mashed like porridge. If you buy canned or instant food, make sure the food is free of dyes, flavors, or preservatives because some dogs are sometimes allergic to these ingredients, of course, it will be worrying if your little dog is still weak with allergies where he can’t protect himself alone and do not have maximum body strength and endurance.

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