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How To Have Unique Design T-Shirt

As you know that the design of clothes that are on the distribution is always different from the general one in the market. Original distribution shirts always have different designs that are unique and limited in their manufacture. If you want to make a design, try to make a different T-shirt design while still following the wishes of consumers and trends in society with the help of t-shirt creator. You need to observe, imitate and modify to get the best design for you. This principle is common to all life processes. In the world of design, you have to be good at this. If you see a design that inspires observation then copy it by adding modifications according to your design character. So you don’t lose your identity in your design.

Well for those of you who want to make t-shirt designs for commercial or sale, make sure the designs you make are by current fashion trends. As you know, millennial society is now crazy about new things, from lifestyle to clothing. Now you can use this to determine the concept of the design of your t-shirt. Like a t-shirt with typography design that is being loved by teenagers today.

You need to adjust screen printing with a shirt color. One of the goals of applying screen printing on t-shirts is certainly to make it look more attractive and unique with the detailed design of the screen printing. Although it will look more prominent, the details and color of the screen printing must also be adjusted to the color of the shirt. For t-shirts with neutral colors like white, black, gray, etc. may be the adjustment of screen printing colors will be easier. But for t-shirts with bright colors like green, orange, yellow, maybe adjusting the color of the screen will be more difficult. Now here you can create as much as possible the screen printing design to produce a shirt with its uniqueness.

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