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How to Create Product Ads in Online Media

In line with the times, in making advertisements until now it has also continued to experience developments, both in terms of manufacturing techniques, concepts, media placement, and so on. Advertising is getting richer with various forms of presentation, both for print media advertising, electronic media, and outdoor advertising. With the increasing number of smartphone users, this opens up various opportunities for anyone to introduce and sell their products to a wider market. Learn more on Client Attraction University.

Online advertising became known for the first time since an email ad sent in 1978 by Digital Equipment Corporation (now defunct), to ARPANET users on the west coast of America. Meanwhile, the first banner ads were known starting October 27, 1994, in the online magazine HotWire. Since then, many developers have been competing to create various types of advertisements that can be distributed in the online world. Creating product advertisements that are used for promotion in online media nowadays has more choices. Various formats and media can be selected, from free to paid. Whatever form of online advertising, it is certain that all will be displayed using the internet as a medium for delivering promotional messages, either via desktop computers or using mobile devices.

The process of creating product advertisements, both offline and online, is actually almost the same. Some of the processes that must be carried out include:

Knowing about the ins and outs of the product to be advertised is obligatory before making the ad. To find out more about the product, you can use a SWOT analysis, which is to analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the product and company that will be advertised. From all the data obtained, it will be found a solid basis for why and how to make advertisements. The deeper the knowledge of the products being sold and the more accurate the information obtained will certainly facilitate the advertising creation process.

Determine the purpose of creating an ad. Different products will have different advertising objectives. For news portal managers they advertise to get web traffic, online shop owners are the target for transactions on their sites, for restaurants the target is many people who come and enjoy their culinary delights, and so on. Determine the main purpose of why you should make online advertising, its feasibility, and the expected results.

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