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How To Choose The Right Watch

Practically used to see the time anytime and anywhere, a womens watch is no longer an alien part of our everyday appearance. But, choosing a watch actually can’t be arbitrary because using a watch that is not right can ruin your appearance? So, what should be considered before buying a watch? Check out the following tips so that your style can be spot-on with the right watches you choose best affordable automatic watch August Berg.

1. Pay attention to the model you choose. Because watches are part of your appearance, make sure the model you choose is appropriate for you to wear. For example, a watch with a classic design, perfect for a career woman to wear to the office or a wedding party. While watches with sporty models can be used for those of you who are young for a more cheerful and relaxed impression.

2. Adjust to the shape and size of your hand. If you have a tiny wrist shape, avoid wearing a large watch with a very thick strap as it will look disproportionate. We recommend that you choose a watch with a small clock size and strap to compensate for the shape of your hand. On the other hand, if you have a slightly chubby wrist size, avoid women’s watches with tiny sizes to keep them looking good for you.

3. Pay attention to the strap material used. Even though you have your taste in choosing a women’s watch, different strap materials will also differ from the moments you attend. For example, a watch with a leather strap is more suitable for casual everyday styles, stainless steel for a luxurious feel, while a leather strap for a funky, youthful, and trendy feel. On the other hand, paying attention to the material of the watch strap can also prevent allergies if you have a history of allergies to certain materials.

4. Look for designs that are trending. For your fashion style to match the latest fashion trends, don’t forget to pay attention to the women’s watch design that you will choose. If you want to look contemporary and stylish, make sure you choose a watch design that is currently hits or trending. For example, a watch with a contrasting color combination or a watch with exotic leather design.

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